Arriving Spring 2018

Plume is a new type of whole-home Wi-Fi system.

Plume Pods work together as a team to distribute Wi-Fi across your home.

Connect the first Pod to your modem with the provided ethernet cable. Plug the rest into power outlets in each of your rooms where you need rock solid Wi-Fi.

2.4 GHz band | Far Reaching
5 GHz band | Fast Moving

Getting smarter all the time

Plume learns your home usage patterns in a matter of days. By the time your morning coffee is poured, Adaptive WiFi™ is ready to make your morning the best one yet!
Checking weather
Morning news over radio
Living room
Home office
Kids room
As it senses increased network activity, Plume Adaptive WiFi™ optimizes Pod-to-Pod connections in real time to meet the bandwidth needs of active devices in your home.
Home office
Video conferencing
Nest monitoring
Living room
Updating firmware
Kids room
As the family unwinds and high network activity is detected, Adaptive WiFi™ kicks into high gear, actively optimizing the network for blazing fast Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.
Signal interference from neighbor’s Wi-Fi will not have an effect on Plume because it will smartly switch to a less congested Wi-Fi band/channel.
Living room
Watching 4K movie on Netflix
Kid's room
Playing iPad game
Online gaming
Home office
Cloud syncing
Nest active
Listening to music on Sonos

Plume apps for iOS & Android give you complete control over your home Wi-Fi.

iOS appAndroid app

  • Quickly understand Wi-Fi connection status at home.

  • See devices connected to each room, within Plume’s unique topology view.

  • Auto-track Internet speed being delivered to your by your ISP over the last 24hrs, week and month.

  • Quickly see all connected devices at home and their data consumption.
  • Freeze Internet for devices instantly or at a scheduled time.
  • Have fun naming your Pods. 😃
Quickly understand Wi-Fi connection status at home.
See devices connected to each room, within Plume’s unique topology view.
Auto-track Internet speed to your home over last 24 hrs, 7 days and 30 days.
Quickly see all connected devices at home and their data consumption.
Freeze Internet for devices instantly or at a scheduled time.
Have fun naming your Pods. 😃

Plume HomePass™

Wow your guests with unique Wi-Fi passwords that are personalized for them!

Effortlessly manage guests’ access to Internet and share only selected devices at home through these Wi-Fi passwords.


Pretty, Powerful.

Think lightbulbs. Put a Pod in each room you need Wi-Fi. They plug into any wall outlet, leaving your surfaces free of gnarly cables.


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What do I get with Plume?bttn-add-pod

When you purchase a Plume Wi-Fi system, you receive beautifully-designed Pods that blend into your home. With Plume Adaptive WiFi™, your network performance is continuously managed by the Plume Cloud. The intuitive iOS and Android apps provide an effortless setup experience and controls you need to manage your whole-home Wi-Fi.

What makes Plume different from my traditional Wi-Fi router or extender?bttn-add-pod

Single router Wi-Fi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you’re close enough to the router. Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters can improve coverage, but are often complicated, unreliable, and don’t improve performance. Plume is a cloud coordinated Wi-Fi system that replaces your current Wi-Fi and gives you stable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed in every room within your home.

Does Plume replace my router? Does it work with my ISP?bttn-add-pod

The Plume system can replace your current router, but is flexible enough to also work with your existing router setup. You need to connect one of the Plume Pods by Ethernet to your ISP modem or router to make it work. Your old Wi-Fi should be shut off if you keep your router to minimize Wi-Fi interference.

How easy is it to setup Plume?bttn-add-pod

Plume Wi-Fi can be set up in a matter of minutes. Start by downloading the Plume app for iOS or Android onto your smartphone. The app will walk you through the process: Connect any of the Plume Pods to your modem or router, plug in the rest of the Pods throughout your home, and choose your Plume Wi-Fi name and password. The system requires a broadband internet connection, and is compatible with all Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

What features are available on Plume?bttn-add-pod

In addition to the basic and advanced Wi-Fi routing capabilities, the Plume App allows you to personalize your network, view your network health and status, know which devices are on your network and where they’re connected, track internet speed and data consumption by time period, run speed tests, and freeze device Internet access instantly or at a scheduled time. With Plume HomePass™, manage guest access to devices at home with multiple, unique Wi-Fi passwords.

Plume Wi-Fi is never static. New features are released on an ongoing basis.

What’s inside a Plume Pod?bttn-add-pod

The Plume Pod is dual band, simultaneously operating on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with 2x2 MIMO 802.11b/g/n/ac radios for AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi. Each Pod fits in the palm of your hand and an AC wall plug on the back of the Pod let’s you plug it directly into any wall outlet. The available Ethernet port gives you the freedom to connect your devices by Ethernet in multiple places in your home.

How many Pods do I need?bttn-add-pod

We recommend a Plume Pod for every room in your home and connecting spaces, like hallways. Each bedroom is typically 15-20 feet apart and large open spaces (like a living room area) 30-40 feet apart. Installing Pods in each room gives you a very wide range of possible distances and connections between Pods and lessens the placement sensitivity of each individual Pod.

How much does it cost?bttn-add-pod

Plume Pods cost $69 each, $179 for a 3-pack, and $329 for a 6-pack. Pods come in three color choices: Champagne, Silver, and Onyx. Sales tax may be applied to your order based on shipping address. Buy Now!